Use Cases

Your Business Centric Solution

Improve the User Experience of your customers with Gally

In the modern world, a searchandising solution should be the place where the User Experience is unified across all channels.

But the standard business needs remains valid and must be fullfilled by a tool that is capable of facilitating those uses cases.

That’s where Gally comes in !


The most powerful smart open customizable user friendly searchandising solution


Powerful searchandising rules
The Gally back-office is made by Ecommerce experts and allows fine-grained configuration of your business rules to make you leverage your business to its maximum potential.


Build on top of it
You're tired of Saas solutions that enforces you to stick within their out-of-the-box features and you want to build your own and unique Searchandising experience for your customers ?

Good news, Gally is fully Open Source and can be extended by any developer to perfectly fit with your needs.


Search from any channel
With Gally you can expose an unique API that will be used by any of your ecosystem application : mobile app, salesman tablet, chatbot...

And this unique API will embed all your business rules, once and for all !


Aggregate different sources in search
All businesses are dealing with products but also with contents (blog posts, pages...).

With Gally you can unify these in your search results for the best possible User Experience