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Gally introduces meticulously designed functionalities that will supercharge their searches and illuminate thoughtfully curated products.

your eCommerce merchandising and SEO

Virtual categories enable merchants to initiate business operations by generating categories using predefined rules. These rules empower you to leverage product data, metadata, and contextual details such as seasonal timing, or even data originating from other facets of your enterprise, such as your Order Management System (OMS), for instance.

Upon establishing a rule, products are promptly exhibited in the front-office, eliminating the necessity for asynchronous indexing or cronjob setups. This rule operates seamlessly and instantaneously, enabling you to divert your attention towards more critical tasks.

Here are a few instances of Smart Virtual Categories that you can effortlessly generate:

  • Discount: all your discounted products
  • News products
  • Bargain of the month: products with prices < X $
  • Products having high stock level
  • Products about to be sold out
Vector search example

Vector search
Powered by AI & LLM

Gally is able to use best-of-class LLM engines to leverage on his semantic search capabilities, enhancing search relevance, and enabling faster and more accurate retrieval of similar items, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Elevate standout products,
relegate others from the spotlight

Using Gally, merchants gain the capability to preview every search query or category within the Back-Office. They can then opt to prioritize a specific product at the top of the search results for that query. Additionally, there might be instances where merchants wish to exclude or push down certain search results for a particular query.

Promote any product

It could be your intention to elevate the visibility of a solitary product or a group of items from your catalog, ensuring their prominent placement in search outcomes. Through a functionality labeled as “ranking cocktails,” merchants are empowered to strategically boost the prominence of chosen products according to their preferences.

These examples merely scratch the surface. In reality, virtually any preexisting product attribute is employable. Furthermore, behavioral data can also be harnessed, affording you the ability to amplify the visibility of popular products!

In summation, leverage ranking cocktails to accentuate the products you aim to enhance!

For instance, you can establish boosts on:

  • New products
  • Discounted products
  • In stock products
  • Products of a given brand
  • A list of “hero” SKUs
  • Popular products (most viewed/sold)

Manage Synonyms easily

Being able to define synonyms can ensure you to display the proper results to you users.

In the Gally back-office, you can contribute synonyms for several languages. Synonyms can be one-sided or two-sided.

Multi-content ready

Looking to index more than products ? Like CMS Pages, or blog posts, or even recipes ?

That’s possible out-of-the-box with Gally as well. We’re tailored for E-Commerce, but we allow to index also any other kind of content to create an unified search experience across all your data.

Multi-language ready

Gally embeds out-of-the box configurations for multiple languages

No need to wonder how you’ll be able to manage your different languages, Gally is already able to do it !