Versatile integration with our search connectors

Gally’s connectors offer a compelling solution for e-commerce integration, boasting versatility that adapts seamlessly to any e-commerce Content Management System (CMS). This flexibility proves invaluable for businesses operating across diverse e-commerce environments, enabling a smooth and efficient integration process.  Additionally, Gally’s talking search connectors for e-commerce go beyond simple data transfer.  They empower your customers to find exactly what they’re looking for with an intuitive voice search experience.  This translates to increased customer satisfaction and potentially, higher conversion rates.

→ Leverage your Shopware website with Gally

Struggling to deliver a seamless search experience on your Shopware store?  Gally, a dedicated search connector, can be your solution. By integrating with Shopware, Gally supercharges your store’s search functionality, ensuring your customers find the products they’re looking for quickly and easily.  This translates to increased sales and happier customers.

→ Craft unique experience on Sylius with Gally

Elevate your Sylius ecommerce store’s search functionality with Gally, a powerful search connector. Gally seamlessly integrates with Sylius, enabling you to deliver a superior customer experience through features like smart search bars, personalized product recommendations, and a highly relevant product catalog.  This translates into increased customer satisfaction, boosted sales, and a competitive edge in the ever-evolving ecommerce landscape.

Your Ecommerce Search: The Magic of Connectors

Ever wondered why some ecommerce searches feel frustratingly irrelevant, while others magically deliver exactly what you’re looking for? The secret weapon behind those delightful experiences might be an unsung hero: the ecommerce search connector.

Connectors: Building Bridges Between Data and Results

Imagine your ecommerce platform as an island of product information. Search queries land on these shores, but without a bridge, they struggle to find the most relevant items. Ecommerce search connectors act as those bridges, seamlessly connecting your platform to a powerful search engine. This engine can sift through vast amounts of product data, including descriptions, attributes, and even customer reviews, to deliver pinpoint-accurate results.

The Search Query: Understanding What the Customer Wants

At the heart of a great search experience lies the query, the phrase or sentence a customer types into the search bar. This query acts as a window into the customer’s mind, revealing their intent and desired outcome. But how can a search engine truly understand this intent? Here’s where APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) come in. APIs allow the search connector to communicate with various data sources on your platform, including product information, customer behavior, and even past purchase history. By analyzing this data through the API, the search engine can decipher the hidden meaning behind a query, going beyond just keywords to understand the customer’s true needs.

Learning and Adapting: A Search Engine that Gets Smarter

But the magic doesn’t stop there. Search connectors are equipped with sophisticated learning capabilities. By analyzing user interactions with search results, such as clicks, purchases, and time spent on product pages, the search engine can continuously learn and improve. This learning process allows the connector to refine its understanding of user intent and optimize search results over time. Imagine a search engine that remembers your past purchases and tailors future suggestions accordingly. This level of personalization is what makes ecommerce search truly powerful, driving customer engagement and satisfaction.

Choosing the Right Connector: A Key to Ecommerce Success

With a variety of search connector solutions available, selecting the right one becomes crucial. Consider factors like your platform’s specific needs, budget, and the level of customization offered. By investing in a robust search connector, you’ll be well on your way to unlocking the full potential of your ecommerce search function, and transforming it into a powerful tool for customer satisfaction and business growth.

Gally is designed specifically for Magento stores, Gally leverages the power of Elasticsearch, a popular search engine known for its speed and scalability.  Gally acts as a bridge between your Magento platform and Elasticsearch, allowing you to harness the engine’s capabilities without needing to delve into the complexities of its inner workings. Gally simplifies the process of creating a GraphQL API for your ecommerce search, making it easier to manage search functions and customize the search experience for your customers.