Revolutionizing European eCommerce with Innovation and Independence

Sylius stands as an Open Source Headless eCommerce Platform designed for mid-market and enterprise brands seeking tailored solutions. Embracing a contemporary approach to project development, it enables the evolution of your digital infrastructure at a speed that outpaces competitors, ensuring the delivery of the exceptional customer experience your audience deserves.

Sylius represents a remarkable eCommerce framework that offers a developer-friendly atmosphere for crafting diverse shopping experiences catering to both B2C and B2B eCommerce setups, even within the most challenging models. This framework delivers an impressive Developer Experience supported by established software crafting practices and harnesses the full potential of top-tier open-source solutions.

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Sylius tech partner

Our partnership

Gally’s partnership with Sylius is pivotal, enriching the platform’s functionalities. Gally introduces advanced features to enhance search optimization, refine merchandising strategies, and elevate the overall user journey for Sylius users.

This collaboration equips merchants with potent tools to enhance product discovery, drive engagement, and boost conversions significantly.

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